OilGasSX is a focused, fit-for-purpose Stock Exchange created specifically for the oil and gas industry and therefore becoming the definitive source of oil and gas data globally.


OilGaxSX offers a unifying source of capital and data as well as a platform on which companies of all sizes can make the most of these resources. Innovations in the Oil and Gas sector are making it harder to gather meaningful data, which has a knock on effect on regulation.

A large number of shale gas and oil producers in North America, for example, make uncoordinated decisions about supply, challenging the ability of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to influence prices. Large utilities have to factor into their strategies the growing number of cities, businesses, and households that generate their own energy from renewables, often selling surplus back to the grid. And governments could find it harder to implement effective regulation. Rules around drilling, water disposal, and public health and safety are already being tested in North America because of the speed at which the number of oil and gas producers has grown. And distributed power generation has sparked regulatory questions about how to charge grid users equitably. Assuming it is wealthier consumers who can afford to install solar panels, the cost of maintaining the grid falls to a smaller number of less affluent households.

Nikhil Patel, Thomas Seitz, and Kassia Yanosek for the McKinsey Quarterly

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Why does the market need OilGasSx?

For the past half century, large players have dominated energy markets. Today, technology is spawning many smaller operators at the same time as new sources of capital emerge. Public markets and governments were once the only investors in the energy sector. But with many governments now cash-strapped, pension funds and private-equity firms are taking up the slack. In the past five years, private equity firms invested more than $200 billion in the sector, matching new ideas and business models with capital hungry for returns. This fragmentation is diminishing the power of scale to shape markets.


The Platform

The Exchange ecosystem allows information to flow easily to every participant, giving access to all the resources the company needs to grow, mitigating risk and attracting investors. View complete Statements, see already Trading companies, companies currently awaiting an IPO as well as all Pending companies being reviewed to list on the Exchange.