MiningSX. A focused, fit-for-purpose Stock Exchange
created for the mining industry and therefore becoming the definitive source of mining data globally.


“Will the next two years be wasted time where companies fail to learn from the mistakes of the past? Or will these be the years where miners seize the opportunity to transform themselves and create a sustainable industry?”


Mining and capital markets

The mining sector has particular issues dealing with the capital markets. A public company in any sector understands that shareholder value gives more than competitive advantage. As a measure of value creation, it also affects a company’s credit rating, ability to raise capital and market reputation. Yet, despite its importance, the mining industry has traditionally underperformed in this space.


Why MiningSX?

MiningSX combines data about the company, key people, sector analysis, data about the projects and concessions and also the investors. This builds into a rich resource for decision making and forecasting as well as a way of communicating with and attracting investors using minimum effort.

The MiningSX ecosystem allows information to flow easily to every participant, giving access to all the resources the company needs to grow, mitigating risk and attracting investors.

We, at MiningSX, are crunching all this minute data in a different way to give more information than ever before about risk and reward within the sector as a whole.

We have made a strategic partnership with MiningSX Index Fund, which has launched with a modest $50m in capital to invest directly in the sector. To apply you must be listed on MiningSX.

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