ISEG has rebuilt its proprietary trading platform and is finalising a new front end.

We now have an extremely robust and more importantly transferable platform to globalise the startup stock exchange business by replicating the platform in multiple jurisdictions.


ISEG is building China Exchange and we have found a significant partner to launch us into the Chinese marketplace. This will bring Chinese technology to the West and Western technology to China. It will bridge gaps in these markets and bring enormous investor interest to both regions.

1.4 BILLION people.

Over-subscribed IPO market.

China’s leaders have repeatedly said they want to promote more entrepreneurial activity in the state-dominated economy to stimulate employment.

China could account for HALF of the developing world’s crowdfunding by 2025, or $50 billion, according to a World Bank.


Business Overview

China Exchange provides a regulated marketplace for startups and small businesses to sell ownership shares directly to qualified global Investors. The listed shares trade freely on a government regulated securities exchange, owned and operated by International Stock Exchange Group (ISEG). This provides investors with a liquid market where they can invest at any level and any stage of growth.

Brokerage Clients

Over six thousand investors from 144 countries have opened accounts at the main brokerage firm demonstrating the easy process for registering and providing KYC. The process in total takes about 20 minutes.


Over 1,000 companies have applied to publicly list from 94 countries to date.


Investors create an account and confirm their email. They are required to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) process that includes uploading a valid government issued photo id, a proof of address document and answers to source of wealth and other Anti Money Laundering (AML) questions. Once the China Exchange compliance team using our verification system has verified the investor, the client is qualified to trade. This allows the investor to access all financial information, deposit funds into their Trading Account, pledge the Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and enter buy and sell orders.

Companies apply to list by creating an account, which consists of the company information and verification of their email address. Upon conclusion, the company is then able to upload their logo, choose the business sector, and begin the executive summary process, consisting of answering 6 basic questions. A China Exchange executive then assists in critiquing the executive summary as this forms the basis of the public profile. When the executive summary is completed and approved, the company is invited to enter their business plan. China Exchange then critiques the business plan, and once it is complete, and approved, the company is then invited to the prospectus and IPO phase.

The IPO phase consists of creating a detailed prospectus in conjunction with the company, and getting all of the corporate documentation in place, as well as shareholder lists, background checks and other compliance documentation. This entire package is then presented to the listing committee for approval. Once approved, the company is allowed to trade. This process is streamlined with the use of our approved template system for the bulk of the document, as the majority of the disclaimers are standard. All this can be completed in two or three days with the cooperation of the company.